Magic Quiz is an app for Atlassian Confluence that automatically creates quizzes based on a selected Confluence page using AI. This functionality enables quick generation of high-quality quiz questions, ensuring users not only read but also comprehend the content of your Confluence pages.

Use Cases


  1. Quiz Creation

    • Select a Page: Choose a Confluence page from which to generate the quiz.
    • Number of Questions: Specify the number of questions to generate based on the length of the page.
    • Submit: The app processes the page and generates the quiz within 1-2 minutes.
  2. Quiz Management

    • Preview: View generated questions and multiple-choice answers.
    • Edit: Modify the quiz title, questions, and answers as needed.
    • Delete or Add Questions: Remove irrelevant questions or generate additional ones.
  3. Assigning Quizzes

    • Assign to Users: Assign the quiz to one or more users.
    • Set Due Date: Indicate when the quiz should be completed by the assigned users.
    • Track Completion: Monitor quiz completion status in the 'Assigned to You' and 'Created by You' tabs.

User Interface

  1. Tabs

    • Quizzes Assigned to You: Displays quizzes assigned to the user.
    • Quizzes Created by You: Displays quizzes created by the user (admin).
  2. Creating a Quiz

    • Click Create Quiz.
    • Select a page (e.g., HR policies).
    • Choose the number of questions based on the page length.
    • Click Submit.
  3. Editing a Quiz

    • Click Preview to view the questions.
    • Edit the quiz title and questions as needed.
    • Option to delete irrelevant questions or generate more.
  4. Assigning a Quiz

    • Click Assign.
    • Select a user and set a due date.
    • Assigned quizzes appear under the 'Assigned to You' tab for the user.
  5. Taking a Quiz

    • Users can start the quiz from the 'Assigned to You' tab.
    • Answer each question and proceed through the quiz.
    • Feedback is provided for incorrect answers.
  6. Tracking Quiz Completion

    • Admins can check the completion status of assigned quizzes in the 'Created by You' tab.
    • Click Stats to view completion details for each user.


To install Magic Quiz, visit the Atlassian Marketplace and search for "Magic Quiz" to begin the installation process.


Magic Quiz simplifies the creation, assignment, and tracking of quizzes in Confluence, making it an effective tool for ensuring user comprehension of important documentation.